Karuna Trust

Bengaluru, India

Focus areas: Maternal and Child Health  

Karuna Trust believes affordable, ideally free, universal access to health care is a fundamental right of all Indians; such access is a true testimony to the usefulness of all the economic and technological progress India has made.

Karuna Trust has pioneered and implemented a successful Public-Private-Partnership model that helps leverage the government’s significant investment in public health care infrastructure by complementing it with a socially committed, not-for-profit but professionally competent management team.

The Trust today manages 60+ Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs) in 5 states – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Maharashtra and Meghalaya. Through the PHCs it manages, the Trust’s 1000+ health care professional – doctors, nurses & staff – are reaching over 1 million people.

These PHCs are all in rural areas and Karuna Trust uses the ECHO model and various teleECHO clinics to get specialized healthcare to their patients. Their doctors and healthcare professional log on to the NIMHANS Drug Addiction and Mental Health clinic to learn to manage patients. Similarly, they conduct a cancer screening program for oral, cervical and breast cancer in partnership with NCIPR and ECHO Trust, India. They have a fortnightly teleECHO clinic to train ANMs and ASHA workers in the best practices to screen and detect early cancer. The suspicious and positive cases are then referred to Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore for follow up and treatment.

Karuna Trust has also recently started a teleECHO clinic for Maternal and Child Health and other doctors and healthcare professionals will log in for tele-monitoring and learning to manage patients better.

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Active Clinics @ Karuna Trust

Maternal and Child Health ECHO

Maternal and Child Health

Weekly, Each Tuesday
Led by
Dr. H Sudarshan