The ECHO India Education Program

Encouraged by the international success of the ECHO Model in healthcare, ECHO India is replicating the model in the Education sector. To support teachers in their professional development, ECHO India is focussing on redefining the existing mentoring methods. Mentorship is one critical component that connects the dots between theory, practice and professional growth.

The ECHO model, which is as a hub and spoke mentoring model, empowers teachers with the best new teaching approaches and enrich their learnings with time-tested strategies proven beneficial for students.

By connecting experts & learners, one can build a movement and ensure capacity building

Positively Impacting the Education Sector


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Education Initiatives

Ambience Public School

Ambience Teacher Mentorship Program

The ECHO model was first implemented in 2015 to mentor & to improve the skill sets of school teachers from both government and private school systems. As the ECHO model includes active participation, the knowledge is not just given from mentors to participants, it is presented among participants as well.

The program was successful in developing not just domain-related skills in teachers but also helped in establishing a professional community and brought back the joy of work. It encouraged teachers to share their learnings with other teachers as well.The first program of its kind in mainstream education, the initiative is led by Mrs Anuradha Rai, principal, Ambience School.

Integrating Teacher Education and School Health

Teachers are not prepared to pick-up common health problems among school children. They often end up not knowing what interventions can help once the problem is detected. Ambience Public School launched a Preventive Health ECHO program in January 2018, holding bi-weekly sessions in the areas of PCOS, Juvenile Diabetes, Childhood Obesity, Nutrition, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anger management, Anxiety and Depression etc. Reflecting on the excellent response received by the participating teachers, counsellors and nurses, ECHO India in collaboration with Ambience Public School, Gurugram, launched a full course on Preventive Health & Wellness, inculcating more such topics.



ShikshaLokam is an Education Leadership Platform under the aegis of Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiative (Advaith Foundation). It is a manifestation of Societal Platform thinking, a systematic method to resolve complex societal challenges with speed, at scale, sustainably. ShikshaLokam works towards distributing the ability to solve the gaps that exist in education leadership development space and improving the agency of actors in the ecosystem to drive large scale educational change programs.

They signed partnership documents with ECHO India in January 2020 to enable key players in the education leadership domain to solve a perennial challenge by restoring their agency through the ECHO model. Two ECHO programs have been launched since.


International Council for School Leadership

International Council for School Leadership (ICSL) is a not-for-profit, knowledge-sharing platform for school leaders. It aims to make India a global superpower in school educa- tion. ICSL has identified 7 most critical domains of school leadership that can help school leaders achieve excellence.

ICSL joined hands with ECHO India on 23rd July 2019 to launch a pilot Transformation Program for School Leaders equipping principals and school owners with the necessary tools and techniques for leading a positive change in their institution.

The ECHO multiplier effect for Education

Focus Areas

Reading, Writing & Comprehension Skills
Building Mathematical Competence
Making Science Hands-on
Collaborative Story Telling
Preventive health & wellness for school children

Snapshots from ECHO education sessions