State TB Training & Demonstration Centre, Gujarat

Ahmedabad, India

Focus areas: Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB)  

Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) covers all the 36 districts of Gujarat. Currently, there are 306 Tuberculosis Units (TU) and 1800 Designated Microscopy Centres (DMC) to control Tuberculosis in Gujarat. More than 40,000 DOT Centers are running in the state for providing Directly Observed Treatment (DOT)to the TB patients.

Objective of NSP is to find all drug sensitive TB cases (DS-TB) and drug resistant TB cases (DRTB) with an emphasis on reaching TB patients seeking care from private providers and undiagnosed TB cases in high-risk populations (such as prisoners, migrant workers, people living with HIV/AIDS, contacts etc.).

Early diagnosis and treatment of TB cases in the community is an important step in TB elimination, which will help in decreasing the risk of transmission of disease to others, poor health outcomes, and social and economic hardships of the patient and their family.

The basic objective of the RNTCP programme is to ensure DOTS for all TB patients, achieve 90 percent notification rate for all TB cases, 90 percent success rate for all new and 85 percent for re-treatment cases.

The STDC Gujarat TB Clinic was established in March 2018. This clinic is a Monthly clinic where the hub team from the STDC Office, Gujarat mentors and trains the DTOs and community physician.

35 spokes across India attending 1 clinic

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Active Clinics @ STDC, Gujarat

State TB Training and Demonstration Centre, Ahmedabad

Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB)

Ad Hoc
Led by
Dr. Pranav Patel
Hub Experts
Dr. Purvi Nayak
Anil Kumar