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SHARE (Science Health Allied Research Education) pursues a vision of the world in which every man, woman and child has access at all times to the Hospital needed for an active and healthy life. The mission of SHARE India is to strive:

  1. To increase knowledge
  2. To impart knowledge
  3. To apply knowledge
  4. Inistitutionalise Reasearch in Medical School
  5. Undertake research studies relevent to India and global health
  6. To provide quality and affordable healthcare for all.

SHARE India has launched an ECHO program for telementoring of ART (Anti-retroviral therapy) centres on TB-HIV co-infected case management. It is a case based e-learning for prevention and management of TB in PLHIV using ECHO platform. It provides  audio & visual interaction among ART centers, experts, different stakeholders in HIV-TB field; and thus provides an opportunity to interact, discuss and deliberate on HIV-TB patient diagnosis, testing & treatment aspects.

The goal of the initiative is to augment and update the knowledge & skills of the physicians in ART centres across the country for prevention and management TB.


  • Mentor the  physicians to effectively identify, treat and manage cases of HIV-TB co-infection
  • Build capacity on provision of IPT (Isoniazid Preventive Therapy)
  • Facilitate networking and discussions between institutions and ART centres for technical discussions 
  • Monitor the clinical and program outcomes

The National HIV-TB ECHO Tele mentoring Program would be led by NITRD, New Delhi, which would act as the hub for this model and the participating ART centres would be the spokes. To begin with, there would be 2 sets/groups of spokes.

Group 1: ART Centres from Delhi & UP (week 1&3)

Group 2: ART Centres from Andhra Pradesh & 25 high load ART centres from Tamil Nadu (week 2&4)

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