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Hyderabad, India

About Piramal Swasthya

Piramal Swasthya is a registered not for profit organization supported by Piramal Foundation and believes in making Healthcare Accessible, Affordable and Available to all segments of the population, especially the most vulnerable ones. Piramal Swasthya has over a decade-long experience in operating several healthcare innovations at scale, which are addressing the primary health care needs of most underserved and marginalized populations across India.  Piramal Swasthya is operational in 21 states in India through 35 innovative public health care delivery programs with focus on Maternal Health, Child & adolescent Health and Non Communicable disease. Piramal Swasthya employs 2500+ employees (including over 250 medical doctors) and more than 11.2 crore beneficiaries have been served through different projects so far. By leveraging technology and innovation the organization is able to provide health care services to the remote and rural area.

The service delivery channels include Remote Health Advisory & Intervention Services (Helplines like 104, 1097 and MCTS),Telemedicine and Community Outreach Programmes (Mobile Health Services). Our Innovative models like ASARA and Gosthani have been able to reduce the maternal mortality and malnutrition respectively in the tribal communities of Araku, Andhra Pradesh. DESH (Detect Early Save Him or Her) and Ummeed are  our community based cancer screening initiative in Kamprup district of Assam and Moinabad District of Telangana respectively. Piramal Swasthya is also supporting NITI Aayog in improving the health and nutrition indicators in 25 aspirational districts across 7 states.

Swasthya- ECHO:

It is essential to build the capacity of the field staff to deliver quality services as per the standard operating protocol. It is also essential to enhance the management skills of the primary care physician by facilitating periodic interaction and guidance through the specialist.  Piramal Swasthya has entered in a MOU with ECHO India in May 2019. The Swasthya ECHO Hub is located at Hyderabad, Head Office of Piramal Swasthya and has started using the ECHO Telementoring platform for capacity building through case based discussion and interaction with specialists at the Hub since its launch on 20th February 2020. To start with two out of the 35 projects viz. Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC) CSR project and the Prerona Project have been selected for piloting ECHO. The learnings happen through a Hub and spoke model, where the specialists are present at the hub and the doctors and paramedic staff in these projects are the spokes. The spokes can access the sessions through their laptops/tabs/Android mobiles. These sessions make use of Zoom teleconferencing system which is offered by ECHO India.

STFC Project: This a CSR project in collaboration with Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited. This project provides primary health care services with focus on Non Communicable diseases to the Trucker Community comprising of Truck drivers/owners, helpers, cleaners and their families. There are 22 Mobile Medical Units and one static clinic located across 12 States in India which serve the trucker community. Apart from these the project also provides primary health care services to the general population through four Mobile Medical Units in two more states.

The 22 MMU and one static clinic serving the trucker community have been selected for the Swasthya ECHO Pilot and the doctors and Nurses in these MMU/Static clinic have been enrolled for this case based learning Session. Hence 46 spokes (doctors and nurses of 23 MMU/Static Clinic) access the sessions individually through their laptops/android mobiles. The 46 spokes have been divided into 2 batches for the sessions and each of these batch has sessions once in every fortnight on Thursdays. Batch one has sessions on 1st and 3rd Thursday and Batch 2 on 2nd and 4th Thursdays. The curriculum has been carefully defined based on the cases seen at the MMU. Each session has case based discussion, didactic lectures and sharing of best practices. After the initial pilot of 6 weeks, further modifications will be done based on the learnings from the pilot sessions.

Prerona Project: Prerona Project is under Innovations and based at Majuli, the world’s largest river island. It is an integrated model covering Antenatal care (ANC) and Non Communicable Disease (Diabetes and Hypertension)). Specialist consultation is also provided through Telemedicine services. There are four Mobile Medical units and one boat clinic. The Prerona team has sessions on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. The team gathers at a common spoke at Majuli office to access the session.

The Telementoring session will be scaled up to involve the other projects in a phase wise manner.

Hub Experts: (Common for both projects)

Dr. Abha Bhatnagar – Internal Medicine

Dr. Rajyalakshmi – Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Venkataramana- Paediatrics.


For STFC: Dr. Ayesha Nawaz, Dr. Tapan Jyoti Kalita, Dr.Sudha

For Prerona: Dr. Chetan, Mr. Madhusudhan


STFC: Dr. Vengal Rao

Prerona: Dr. Milan Nihalani

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