National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases

New Delhi, India

Focus areas: Tuberculosis   Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB)   HIV  

The National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases (NITRD) uses the ECHO modelTM to conduct weekly teleECHOTM clinics for 25 District TB Officers and for all the Drug Resistant TB (DRTB) Centers to address the serious problem of Multi Drug resistant TB (MDR TB).

The teleECHO clinic is led by a group of experts that include a Chest Specialist, Microbiologist and specific disease specialist as per the need of the cases being presented and attended by District Tuberculosis Officers (DTOs).

The goal of these teleECHO clinics is to address the complex issues of MDRTB, sharing best practices and suggesting the best treatment/ solution by combining the knowledge of every participant attending the clinic, with the aim to eventually develop the capacity of the DTOs as experts in the treatment of MDRTB over time.

The MDR TB teleECHO Clinic is attended by 30-35 centers with 150 participants joining the clinic every week, including the State TB Training and Demonstration Centre (STDC) New Delhi, The State TB Control Office (STO) Delhi, STO offices from Assam, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra along with NTI Bengaluru and NIRT Chennai. The Union from Delhi and Assam is also joining the clinic. The clinic also sees international participation from ECHO InstituteTM, USA, Cameroon and URC West Africa.

36 spokes across India attending 3 clinics

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Active Clinics @ NITRD


Tuberculosis Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB)

Led by

Dr. Rohit Sarin
Hub Experts
Dr. Neeta Singla,
Dr. Vikram Vohra,
Dr. U. Agarwal,
Dr. Sushil Munjal,
Dr. MM Puri
Anil Kumar
Senior Project Manager - TB


HIV Tuberculosis

Led by

Dr. Vikram Vohra
Hub Experts
Vandana Dabla

NITRD-CTD: Bedaquiline Rollout


Led by

Dr. Neeta Singla
Gaurav Rewari
Project Manager