National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis

Chennai, India

The National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis [Formerly Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC)], a permanent institute under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), is an internationally recognized institution for Tuberculosis (TB) research. It is a Supranational Reference Laboratory and a WHO Collaborating Centre for TB Research and Training. Recently, an International Centre for Excellence in Research (ICER) in collaboration with NIH was established at the Centre.

The Centre is also recognized for post-graduate training leading to the Ph.D. degrees in bacteriology, biochemistry, immunology and statistics by the Madras University and by the Inter-University Board of India and Sri Lanka . It is also a training centre for WHO fellows, as well as medical undergraduates and post-graduates of the University of Madras and of the neighboring states. 

 The fight against tuberculosis continues relentlessly and the last word has not been said so far. It is expected that the efforts of the Centre would continue to throw light on the changing principles of chemotherapy and allied aspects of tuberculosis such as immunology.