National Health Systems Resource Centre

New Delhi, India

Established in 2006, the National Health Systems Resource Centre has been set up under the National Rural Health Mission to serve as an apex body for technical assistance. It's mandate is to assist in policy and strategy development in the provision and mobilisation of technical assistance to the states and in capacity building for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) at the centre and in the states. The goal of this institution is to improve health outcomes by facilitating governance reform, health systems innovations and improved information sharing among all stake holders at the national, state, district and sub-district levels through specific capacity development and convergence models.

NHSRC is committed to lead as professionally managed technical support organization to strengthen public health system and facilitate creative and innovative solutions to address the challenges that this task faces. In the above process, NHSRC has built extensive partnerships and network with all those organizations and individuals who share the common values of health equity, decentralization and quality of care to achieve its goals. NHSRC is set to provide the knowledge-centred technical support by continually improving its processes, people and management practices.

NHSRC provides technical support to MoHFW and states in planning, roll out and monitoring of different initiatives under the National Health Mission, which includes Community Processes and Comprehensive Primary Health Care Services.

ECHO India has partnered with NHSRC to support the roll out of the Comprehensive Health Package which will be delivered through Health & Wellness Centres. ECHO will provide the model and platform to NHRSC and enable them to train their on-foot health workers also also assist in the dissemination of guidelines to the various stakeholders through virtual clinics. A knowledge dissemination and sharing channel will be developed to provide knowledge on specialty care at the very grassroot level.