Muktangan Education Trust

Mumbai, India

About Muktangan Education Trust

Muktangan is an innovative educational project which has demonstrated how ordinary women and men empowered with the right beliefs and skills, can drive extraordinary outcomes for children from their own aspiring communities. Muktangan adopts a “total schools approach” by training local community members through a yearlong pre-service teacher education program to provide holistic and inclusive education thereby overcoming disconnects prevalent in the mainstream education system. 

Ever since its inception in 2003, Muktangan has evolved into a 'hub and spokes model' of a teacher education centre (hub) and 7 English medium municipal schools, pre-school to grade 10 (spokes) with its unique design, all located in Mumbai’s G-South ward where child-friendly education is offered to over 3,700+ children from underserved communities. To date, Muktangan has provided professional livelihood opportunities and vocational development to 800+ community members (mostly women) who have been trained in the pre-service teacher education centre and 600 of whom are employed as teachers and teacher educators in Muktangan run municipal schools. Since all students and teachers belong to the same socio-economic background, they share a deep bonding with each other.  

Collectively, the community model is recognized as the “Muktangan Educational and Resource Centre” (MERC) where various teaching-learning approaches are researched and further incorporated into the programme. Muktangan has developed mutual partnerships with the government, non-governmental organizations, teacher education colleges and academic institutions at the local and international levels and has reached out to 72,000+ children and 5,000+ teachers and teacher educators across India through various outreach initiatives. 

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Program Name: Muktangan Student Engagement Strategies ECHO 

Through their teacher education centre (hub) and 7 English medium municipal schools, preschool to grade 10 (spokes), Muktangan develops the members (mostly women) from educationally underserved communities as teachers and offers child-friendly, holistic, inclusive education to 3700+ children from the same communities. 

It has launched the "Student Engagement ECHO" as a series of fortnightly dialogues to improve classroom teaching quality for school teachers. The curriculum for the currently ongoing program is as follows:

  • Features and etiquette of virtual classrooms (applications)

  • Designing learning experiences 

  • Feedback mechanisms 

  • Addressing specific student behaviour

  • Parental involvement 

  • Assessments 


The tools of the program will empower and help the school teachers to improve digital literacy and reflect on existing lesson plans to effectively incorporate ‘engagement strategies’. It will also enable them to proficiently redesign and implement lesson plans tailored to engage students with different learning styles leading to the achievement of the overall goal of improving classroom teaching quality and thereby improved student learning outcomes.