International Council for School Leadership

New Delhi, India

About ICSL (International Council for School Leadership)

International Council for School Leadership (ICSL) is a not-for-profit, knowledge-sharing platform for school leaders. Its mission is to uplift the quality of school education in India by enriching and empowering 10,000 school leaders by 2025. ICSL has the vision to make India a global superpower in school education. It is India’s fastest growing community of school leaders. It takes various initiatives to empower educators with the latest innovation and interventions in school education. ICSL endeavours include an annual anthology for school leaders, magazines for educators, a weekly education convo on Fridays, a teacher training program, a professional development program for school leaders and many more.

ICSL has completed one ECHO program (Leading in Chaos) and is actively contributing to the second one. The sessions have been crucial in helping school leaders and owners with the necessary tools and techniques for leading a positive change in their institution.

Program 1: Leading in Chaos

The first initiative of its kind in India, ICSL partnered with Project ECHO to connect school leaders across geographies to find solutions to the "real" challenges they face in their schools.

Leading in Chaos was designed to bring about a transformation in schools. Some learning outcomes for participants included:

· Recognize the school as a complex chaotic system

· Understand the "pedagogical shift" required for the transformation of a school,

· Recognize their role as an "enabler"

· Discover how to become a "pedagogical leader"

· Learn to delegate using the urgency grid tool

· Learn to frame SMART objectives and goals

All participants of LEADING in Chaos would connect once every fortnight for the six eSessions of 90 minutes duration each. Each session included:

· A 15-minute didactic presentation by an expert

· Discussions on real case studies presented by participants

The benefits of ICSL ECHO e-sessions:

· Peer-discussions on real and immediate challenges

· Interaction with experts

· Convenience of learning from the comfort of your office/home

· Access to complete video recording of the eSession

Program 2: Collaborative ECHO - ICSL TeleLead Program

In response to the pandemic and its impact on education, ICSL in collaboration with Project ECHO, Oklahoma State University, ECHO India and Ambience Public School, Gurugram launched “TeleLead” - a series of fortnightly dialogues amongst a select group of school leaders of diverse profiles.

The program seeks to help school leaders find solutions to major challenges posed by the pandemic:

● Uncertainty regarding the reopening of schools

● Minimizing harm caused by a sudden and long break in learning

● Providing students with a risk-free environment when schools reopen.

● Preparing schools to adapt and adopt the plethora of changes outlined in the New Education Policy 2020.

To find solutions to such complex problems, school leaders need to:

● Engage continuously, regularly, and proactively

● Become aware of the “best practices” that have worked for other school leaders in India and abroad.

● Explore various tried, tested and proven “research-based solutions” and then tweak them for their own schools.

● Identify the critical issues” that need to be addressed on priority.

Some of the topics covered in the program include:

● A systems approach to cultivating school leadership

● Cultivating educational cultures that promote “life-ready” learning

● Whole person leadership in a Pandemic