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New Delhi, India

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The Indian Academy of Pediatrics is the largest and most representative association of Pediatricians in India. One of the major activities undertaken by the IAP since its inception has been to organize Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs by holding conferences, symposia, lectures and other meets all over the country.

Pediatrics as a subject was relatively underrepresented in the under graduate curriculum in the 1950s but IAPs efforts resulted in the subject receiving more importance and being recognized as a separate discipline.

The Government of India recognized the strength and unity of the IAP and has, over the years, invited the participation and critical appraisal of Child health programs initiated by Central and State Governments.

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics is committed to the improvement of the health and well being of all children. For this purpose the Academy dedicates its efforts and resources.

The Presidential Action Plan 2018-19 of IAP has 20 Courses, each course is managed by a team of specialists. The immediate priority for IAP is to digitise these courses and make them available online and on mobile on the IAP Courses website and mobile app.  Each of these courses will have a specialist advise forum and an ECHO Program. Both will be managed by the team of IAP specialists who conduct the course.

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