Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine

Chennai, India

Focus areas: Tuberculosis  

Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Chennai or Tambaram TB Sanatorium is a major state-owned hospital situated in Chennai, India. Founded in 1928, the hospital is funded and managed by the state government of Tamil Nadu. 

The institute was the participatory sanatorium in 'Madras Study', a study conducted by the Madras Chemotherapy Centre (now known as the TB Research Centre) to assess efficacy of home versus sanatorium treatment for tuberculosis. With the decline in tuberculosis cases in the region in the early 1980s, the TB sanatorium became officially known as the 'Government Hospital of TB and Chest Diseases', and, in 1986, acquired the present name as 'Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine'. With the admission of a couple of TB patients with HIV in 1993, the hospital became a HIV care and training centre.

Today, the hospital remains an exclusive centre for thoracic medicine and a centre of excellence conducting research in the field of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

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Dr. S. Rathinam
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Dr S. Kumar
Arul Raj