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Pune, India

Focus areas: Pediatric Asthma  

Chest Research Foundation (CRF) is an academic institute established with the vision of conducting quality research in the field of respiratory medicine with an emphasis on asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). CRF strives to spread awareness about these diseases and the best practices in their diagnosis and management amongst chest physicians, general physicians,  and post-graduate students through a variety of training programs.

CRF-ECHO Spirometry Program

Obstructive airway diseases like Asthma and COPD also cannot be ascertained based only on clinical examination. Spirometry is considered the GOLD STANDARD and an objective tool to diagnose obstructive airway diseases namely asthma and COPD. 

Contrary to popular belief, spirometry is a simple test that is patient effort dependant. It is easy to perform and interpret if done in the correct manner. The ECHO Spirometry Clinic will empower you with the knowledge and expertise of getting a spirometry test done from your patients. This is majorly a platform for you to share complex anonymized cases where experts can help you with effective patient care.

Spirometry helps in clinical practice in the following ways:

– Confirms a diagnosis of Obstructive Airways Disease and can distinguish between Asthma and COPD
– Helps in evaluating response to treatment
– Helps in preoperative evaluation of a patient
– Motivates smokers to quit smoking
– Gives you a better practice through referrals for patient testing

Active Clinics @ CRF


Pediatric Asthma

Led by
Komalkriti Apte
Sayali Renukdas

Completed Clinics @ CRF

ECHO Spirometry Simplified

Pediatric Asthma

Ad Hoc
Led by
Maj. Monica Barne
Amruta Godbole
Program Cordinator