Project ECHO and ECHO India brought forth iECHO as an integrated technology infrastructure version of the ECHO platform to achieve the ambition of positively impacting 1 billion lives by 2025. iECHO is intended to enable worldwide knowledge sharing and thereby create a larger learning community with greater access. It adds speed, scale, and sustainability to the ECHO platform, and helps overcome manual processing limitations. iECHO offers users a digital medium for exchanging knowledge, and data necessary to enhance the quality and precision of solving complex problems. This process renders healthcare knowledge sharing a nearly automatic process.

iECHO’s goals include allowing open registrations and making ECHO programs public and accelerating the adoption and launch of new ECHOs by providing a one-stop scheduling, managing, and program-starting solution. Further, the platform allows real-time access to attendance and feedback reports, increasing productivity. Also, hubs can invite participants and issue certificates from the platform, which frees them up to focus on the program’s curriculum and quality. The planned introduction of community forums on iECHO will soon empower community building throughout the ECHO movement in the near future.

iECHO is redefining the ECHO platform as an integrated technology infrastructure that will power the ECHO movement to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2025. It will enable the exchange of knowledge at a global scale with tools designed to engage a collaborative community, increase capacity, and make knowledge resources more accessible.

In summary – the new iECHO platform is being developed to serve as a shared digital infrastructure to support the ECHO community on a global scale, eliminating barriers to participation in the ECHO movement, accelerating the adoption and launch of new ECHOs, amplifying the impact and operational productivity of our partners, all while empowering and building a rich, vibrant and interactive digital Communities of Practice.   iECHO enables worldwide knowledge sharing and empowers community building.   Key Highlights Of The ECHO Model

Key benefits of adopting the iECHO platform for ECHO partners

Key metrics of iECHO Rollout (March 2022)

Intuitive user experience has always been the core of our platform design, it translates to how easily is the user able to navigate through the platform.

“Our course was hosted on the iECHO platform which was indeed very facilitative and helpful for all the students. Right from the timely reminders about the beginning of each session, to the record of attendance and availability of didactics of each session, IECHO made it exceedingly simple and user-friendly for each participant.”

- Raminder Kaur Spoke Participant Program: Primary Mental Healthcare Course Hub: Gujarat Digital Academy for Mental Health

“It was very user-friendly to log in to online class. Easily get access to view and read the material. Also guided videos explain key functionalities of iECHO for spoke participants. I have attended a certificate course in community mental health. I have also received notification and update via WhatsApp. iECHO is the best platform for online learning.”

- Vidhi Bhardwad Spoke Participant