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The Holy Family Hospital, a sixty three year-old Catholic Institution, has embodied the best of medical treatment and holistic care. As part of its continued commitment to national health priorities, the hospital signed an agreement with Project ECHOâ to become a host institution for improved access to specialist services across northern India.

Cardiovascular diseases have now become the leading cause of mortality in India, the most common being Coronary Artery Disease, which increase the risk of having a heart attack. The Holy Family Cardiology ECHO Clinic is a monthly clinic that aims to describe the pathophysiology of common cardiovascular conditions, develop proficiency in ECG interpretation, improve the clinician’s ability to formulate management and treatment plans by increasing provider knowledge and self-efficacy surrounding cardiovascular medicine, sharing of knowledge and troubleshooting through interactive case based discussion, using current clinical practice guidelines in managing patients thus decreasing variation in care, evolving consensus on best practices amongst clinical experts, primary care clinicians and other healthcare professionals so that they are better prepared to care for patients with cardiovascular diseases and improve access to and utilization of healthcare resources in the participants’ community.

The Holy Family ECHO Clinic is a weekly clinic of 1 hour with interactive case based learning and a short didactic presentation. The didactic topics are set in advance in 5 week modules that review common cardiac conditions and recently published journal articles to keep clinicians up to date on emerging therapies and treatments. The lead physicians from centers and other guest faculty are requested to give lectures, as well as facilitate clinics so that the whole learning process is democratic and interactive.


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